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Discover These Things To Do In Singapore

Singapore is a small island located underneath Malaysia, but when it comes to this place, size isnt everything and it punches well above its weight for the area. It is one of the biggest hubs in the world of shipping, and a lot of products used in the west probably pass through this port at some point. Its Changi airport is probably the best looking and cleanest airport you will ever see in your life. People are always helpful and friendly, crime is very low due to the strict justice system, and although it has many different cultures they all blend well together. If you ever get the chance to have a holiday or a stopover, then you will find plenty of things to do in Singapore.

Singapore offers something for everyone, whether young or old, and below you will find some of the favorites for tourists.

Marina Bay Sands

Only recently completed, this amazing and unique structure was very demanding on the workforce building it, especially when it came to placing the hundreds of tons of heavy metal that make up the SkyPark on top of the building. This structure gives you amazing views of the city, and has a swimming pool that gives the impression it ends right on the edge. The building is 57 stories high and consists of a massive casino, a huge shopping mall, and hundreds of hotel rooms.

Singapore Flyer

For those who know of the London Eye which seemed to have started the trend in massive Ferris wheels being placed in the middle of major cities, this one takes it a step further and allows you to eat a meal while being served by a butler.

Orchard Road

Famous around the world for its shopping malls, and endless shops, this area is heaven for anyone who loves to shop, and you can spend a whole day here and you still won�t see everything. If you go during the Singapore sales then you can get some really good bargains in the designer shops. Remember to keep all of your receipts as some items allow you to claim the sales tax back at the airport before you fly out.

Night Safari

This is the only man-made safari park specifically setup for the nighttime. It is a great place to see animals in a natural environment at night, and the whole area is lightly lit to give the impression of moonlight so that you can still see the animals. This place is so well organized that 2 to 3 hours can fly by.

Jurong Bird Park

Just jump in a taxi to go here, as it is about 20 minutes from Orchard Road. This is place is massive and you really need half a day at the very least, and that is if you walk around it quickly. There are birds here from all over the world, and one area allows you to mix in with all the parrots and even feed them from your hand, the kids will love it.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is an amazing place, it is located just south of the main island, and it is possible to drive straight onto this island. In recent years it has been really modernized, and as well as plenty of places to eat, there is plenty to do. If you just want to relax on the tropical sandy beaches then head to the southern part, and take a dip in the clear waters. If you enjoy a game of golf then you can play on the same course they hold the Singapore Open on. The island also hosts the Butterfly Park and underwater aquarium.

Esplanade Theatre

Located in the Marina Bay next to the Singapore River, this is an amazing building from the outside and extremely beautiful on the inside. You’ll often find major world shows in the 2,000 seat theatre, and the concert hall sits 1,600.

Kranji Racecourse

Located in the northwest area of the island it is easy to get to via taxi or by using the metro, and is a must see place for anyone interested in sport. If you can visit during the Singapore Cup you will get to see some of the world�s most expensive racehorses. This is one of the best looking and modern racecourses in the world.

Bum Boat

These are small boat that carry tourists up and down the Singapore River, and they are a great way to take a ride on something traditional, as they used to be used for ferrying products around the city. It is a great way of getting a view of the city from a position that many people do not get to see.

National Orchid Gardens

If you have any interest in flowers then you will love this place. It is full of many unique and rare orchids from around Asia. With over 2,000 versions of the orchid within the 8 acres of this garden, it will take you some time to go around them all. Try and visit in the morning, or early evening when it is a bit cooler.

Little India

This is the part of the city were you will find all the Indian shops, and if you are looking for some really good bargains then this is the place you should go to. If you love gold then they have some great jewelry shops in this area, but always remember to haggle over the price.


Finally, Singapore is known for one thing that tops everything else that you can see and do in this country, and that is its cuisine. From the food halls in the likes of Lucky Plaza to the really posh restaurants you can get virtually every kind of food you can think of. You need to try as much as you can when you are there, and the traditional food sold by the street vendors can be very tasty. Food hygiene is strictly controlled in Singapore so you have nothing to worry about no matter where you eat.

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